About Us

Jetters Ecologic

Jetters Ecologic was set up in 2021 in lieu with the government’s vision of Singapore’s inaugural Zero Waste Masterplan. Our goal; together with our government’s, is to reduce the waste sent to Semakau Landfill each day by 30 percent by 2030 #SaveSemakau. 

A short introduction to our company; Jetters Ecologic is a subsidiary of Jetters Holdings private limited. We have a combined market experience of 60 years in the multiple businesses that we have. 

Under the umbrella of jetters holdings, we have three companies; jetters Incz., jetters Solutions, and Jetters Ecologic. 

During these few years, we realized that the biggest waste problem which we have in Singapore is food waste. And this problem grew during the pandemic when Singapore went through our first circuit breaker. Singaporeans could not dine out and they begin to order food at home which in turn caused wastage of food then pre-pandemic. We were able to realize this because throughout the pandemic we are classified as essential services. 

We then begin to do research on how we can treat food waste into something that we could use. We then found a solution from China whom we’re partnering with as their authorized reseller of their equipment which turns food waste into compost. We were specifically looking for machines that could produce compost as we are main service provider for NParks So we could use the compost back in our local parks making it a circular economy which is in line with our government’s vision for a zero-waste nation. It was only after all our research and partnership was set in stone did, we set up Jetters Ecologic. 

There is no client too small, or job too big